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    KP! Toffee Gourmet English Toffee

    Indulge and enjoy KP! Toffee products. Our toffee is handcrafted in Wisconsin in small batches for a unique crunch and buttery flavor. KP! Toffee products are made with the finest ingredients and no preservatives to offer the best tasting toffee around. Our quality ingredients include: creamy butter, sugar, almonds, and delectable chocolate topped with luscious pecans.

    All KP! Toffee products will satisfy your craving for a sweet treat. Our products include:

    • Karen’s Premium Gourmet English Toffee covered in dark, milk or white chocolate,pecans and almonds in various sizes and combinations
    • KP! Toffee Krunch, a popcorn treat coated with toffee and special seasoning
    • KP! Toffee Twist, chunks of pretzels coated with toffee and drizzled with delicious chocolate